Welcome to my blog! This blog is meant to inspire. I am creative with my writing, but all that is contained within is true, and never stretched. Everything that I write is from my point of view. I like to be descriptive as much as possible with my writing so anyone who reads it will not only see it, but feel the moment as well. At least that is what I aim for. (You can let me know how I do on that)!

However, this blog is not just about me. No, it is about you! It’s meant for you, to inspire you, to give you hope, perhaps build some faith, and whatever else it may. This is about God giving you encouragement and hope that you need. I hope that my testimony and other posts will be used by God to plant a seed in your heart and mind.

As always, you are welcome to ask any question you like. I hope that that everyone will respect all who do ask and my responses without insulting. I cannot guarantee I will answer the same day depending on my schedule, but I should be on at least once per week. Also, please never insult my beliefs. You are welcome to challenge them, but there is no need to insult. I do love a good friendly debate from time to time, and more than that I love to teach.

I am not a Bible scholar either. I will do my best from where God has led me to answer any questions about myself, Him, and my beliefs, or anything else. I pray that this blog will be a beautiful place of love, hope, and faith blessed from our Heavenly Father to each of you! Thank you for visiting and may God bless you and keep you!

Love Always,

Susie R.